Santillán 7-night retreat

RawFitYoga.Life is the latest total health retreat program, developed and presented by wellness industry leaders Simon Low, Kirstin Arnesen, David Tilston and Boo Maria Boafo.

RawFitYoga.Life offers a full spectrum of activities over a 7-night intensive retreat;  with morning hikes, dynamic and restorative yoga, cutting-edge fitness programs, breathing practices, chi kung, meditation and stillness, all fuelled by cold-pressed juices and the power and healing of nutritionally based plant food, with raw food preparation and supporting lectures……the ultimate in nutritional education and enjoyment.

Each 7-night retreat is designed to promote physical and mental fitness, detoxification, weight-loss, relaxation, wellbeing skills and nutrition knowledge, all followed-up with recipes, practices and inspiration right into your Inbox for you to continue your desired practices at home.

The team of RawFitYoga.Life experts have designed the retreats with a commitment to sharing their knowledge and skill gathered through decades of experience, research, private and group teaching, and leading international retreats. Each activity will be perfectly threaded within the tapestry of the balanced program, gradually building over the week toward the achievement of attainable and informed intentions. While the whole team will guide you for graded morning hikes and practice alongside you throughout the day, Simon Low will teach the yoga, breath-work, meditation and stillness sessions. David Tilston will lead the cutting edge fitness activities, Boo Maria Boafo will create the plant-based food delights along with Kirstin Arnesen, who will be offering lectures and support toward inner and outer beauty.

Our venue is Santillán, near Malaga in Spain, a dedicated retreat centre 40 minutes from Malaga airport, situated in its own private valley overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and surrounded by hillside and valley walking. En-suite accommodation is offered in private, double, or spacious twin and triple share bedrooms, all with balconies or garden terraces. Rated one of the World’s Top 20 yoga retreats by The Times newspaper, Santillán sports one of the best designed and equipped yoga studios in the world.

RawFitYoga.Life rejuvenating retreats offer you the skills to cultivate energy, strength, focus, awareness, knowledge, deep relaxation, and balance within your life. 

Come and be one of the first to experience this unique approach to inner and outer fitness. 

Kirstin & Simon


daily schedule of activities

It is important to understand that while we offer a full day of scheduled activities, nothing is compulsory.  We of course advise total commitment to the whole schedule, but we recognise that everyone comes with different needs, goals and interests, and ‘down time’ can be taken whenever a person feels it is important for them. There will be short periods in the day offering free ‘down time’, and scheduled activities that promote and support rest and relaxation.  

06.45   Silent graded morning hikes 
08.00   Lemon water, probiotic drink, tea
08.30   Dynamic ‘yang’ yoga / chi kung / pranayama [2 hours]
10.30   Green Juice
11.30   Raw food lecture and raw food preparation 2 days a week and group HIIT fitness sessions on the other days [45 minutes]
12.30   Plant based Raw food lunch, followed by free time  
15.00   Fitness group sessions / walking / activities / small group discussion [45 minutes]
16.00   Green Juice or plant based smoothie
16.30   Restorative yoga & meditation (2 hours)
18.45   Plant based Raw food dinner

19.30   Short evening walk / free time

All private massage, bodywork and therapeutic sessions are charged at 60-70 euros per hour, depending on the treatment. 

We will be encouraging guests to keep a journal over the retreat, and for those interested, we will facilitate group discussions incorporating lifestyle and philosophical teachings, life coaching and the latest findings in outer and inner health and fitness. 

Kirstin Square.jpg

Co Founder and rawfood

Kirstin Arnesen is recognised as a leader in the wholistic movement of inner and outer beauty in Norway. A certified Health Educator from Hippocrates USA and owner of the leading beauty salon INCH in Norway, she´s been hosting Brian Clement from Hippocrates USA and several international yoga teachers in Oslo over the last 15 years. Kirstin is passionate in living and teaching a fully integrated approach to overall health, well being and beauty on all levels. As she says to her clients and friends; “Beauty starts on the inside. We help to show you how to begin with your diet and lifestyle as we guide you to outer fitness and wellbeing”. As part owner of Hippocrates in Norway, Kirstin has been working closely with Dr. Christian Daling and his team to bring awareness of the Hippocrates vision of plant based raw food diets to those who are searching for a true and responsible way to align themselves with inner and outer health.

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Co Founder and yoga

Simon Low BWY, SYT, Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500), is one of the UK’s most experienced and renowned yoga teachers, and a founder of Triyoga, the UK’s leading yoga studios. Simon is now Principal of The Yoga Academy offering retreats, teacher training, and continuing education to yoga teachers and students internationally.

After a career in the music industry based out of London, New York and Los Angeles, Simon undertook training as yoga teacher and therapist over 27 years ago in Los Angeles, California. Simon’s studies in many forms of yoga, are augmented by training in macrobiotics, bodywork, Chi Kung, Chinese and eastern medicines, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. Over the years, Simon has developed a unique and personal teaching style, offering a harmonious combination of Yin and Yang Yoga; not as a set system but as teachings that can inform and enrich all approaches to yoga.

Yin and Yang Yoga offers fresh vitality and balance to yoga practice, kindness and respect to the human form, transformative breathing practices, enhanced concentration and awareness, internal enquiry, and for the mind - the space for peace and tranquillity.

In 2007, Simon released his now very popular DVD "Yin and Yang Yoga" and in 2015 a Yin Yoga App for iPhone (available at the iPhone App Store only).

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Originally from London, Boo has a long business history in New York, London, and Accra.

Boo now lives a holistically inspired, plant-based lifestyle alongside a lifelong yoga practice. She is certified as a Thai Bodywork practitioner, Bhakti YT, as well as implementing training's with children's yoga, and trauma-informed practice.

Having switched to a plant-based lifestyle in 2003, Boo saw the benefits immediately and immersed herself in the art of raw food preparation, creating delicious meals. Through support groups and private consultation, she currently assists in helping others find balance through healthy nutrition, movement, and conscious thinking.

'Boo is innovative in the dishes she develops and prepares and she takes pride in producing food that will be enjoyable, tasty and nutritious, even for her traditional “cooked” diet clients and friends.'



David specialises and teaches movement through bodyweight calisthenics, hand balancing, yoga asana and functional movement through the use of – clubbells, kettlebells, macebells, suspension training, parallettes and primal movement patterns. As a keen martial artist he has also studied Filipino Kyusho under the guidance of Grand Master Angelo Baldissone (8th Dan) since 2009, earning his first black belt in 2014.

As Fitness Manager and yoga teacher at Samahita Retreat, David continued to refine his training and practice in yoga and pranayama, studying with world-renowned teachers, while developing a deeper understanding of fitness for the human body.

Now based in the UK David continues to lead workshops and retreats at home and abroad. He is keen to bring out the best in people by sharing his enthusiasm for life and fitness through many forms of movement.