Chris west - may 2019

Prepare to immerse yourself in an amazing experience of mind, body, and spirit. 

Incredible Yoga by a world-renowned yoga teacher, nourishing, delicious (and filling!) food, invigorating fitness, meditation, all in breathtaking and peaceful surroundings.

Food for your body, and soul. I have just finished being part of RawFitYoga in Santillan, and can honestly say it was truly life changing. Book yourself a place, you definitely won’t be disappointed. 

Thanks so much again for an incredible week, and for your time thinking about food for the children, I’m going to be trying it out this week.
Chris West - May 2019

Alex Petsch - May 2018

On the RFY retreat I experienced boundless energy and my body felt vibrant.  Having previously attended yoga retreats, the energetic difference in my body from the raw food was profound.  Prior to the retreat, I was concerned that I would find daily mountain hikes, yoga and PT sessions too much, however, to the contrary, I had much more energy than usual and loved using it.  The talks teaching us how and why raw food is so beneficial and nutrient-rich, supported me through the early adjustment days, and what I learned has resulted in significant changes to my diet and eating habits since returning home.  I now follow intermittent fasting and include raw food in my diet as a matter of course - but would not have had the capability, knowledge or drive to do so before this retreat.  Having knowledge is one thing, but having ‘felt’ what it can do was a game-changer.  

The timetable was full, but paced well and we were also encouraged to rest during a session if it felt wrong to push ourselves physically at that time. As always, the yoga was wonderful, intelligently taught and varied.  The PT sessions were like a breath of fresh air - as they were taught with spinal safety in mind and a holistic approach.  The staff were always very supportive and attentive throughout.  I would highly recommend this retreat.    
Alex Petsch - May 2018

Mette Nymo - september 2018

I’ll definitely come back !! I can highly recommend this retreat! Great place, beautiful morning hikes, professional Yoga and Fitness instructors and excellent food👍 If you want to spoil yourself; sign up for RawFitYoga retreat now! I promise you’ll never regret.
Mette Nymo - September 2018

Sandra Grealy - September 2018

I took part in a RawFitYoga retreat at Santillan in September and found it quite transformational.  Highlights for me were the yoga, brilliantly and skilfully led by Simon, the delicious and nutritious food, expertly prepared and beautifully presented, the tranquillity of the retreat centre, and the enthusiasm, passion and care of Kirstin and her team.  It was a great opportunity to connect with a fun and friendly group of like-minded people and I have learned so much about exercise and nutrition.  I can highly recommend this experience and will be returning!    
Sandra Grealy - September 2018