Huzur Vadisi 7-night retreat

Huzur Vadisi is a unique retreat venue that has been running for over 26 years. Renowned for its authentic traditional Turkish design and gardens, Huzur Vadisi is located within an ancient olive and fig grove within a secluded mountain valley a few miles from the coast. Accommodation is in luxury yurts (with comfortable beds, electricity, fans etc) with single, double, twin & triple accommodation options. The retreat centre is surrounded by numerous walks into the surrounding forests, mountains and valleys. 

The RawFitYoga retreats at Huzur Vadisi in Turkey will be presented slightly differently to the retreats in Spain. We will make full use of the wonderful and plentiful walks and offer two yoga classes a day, with dynamic morning practices and restorative afternoon classes. 

Over the first two days we will serve light raw food in preparation for 3 days of cold-pressed juicing, returning to light raw food for the last and departure day. There will be rest and relaxation time during each day to enjoy the swimming pool, hammocks, yurts, the kosks (traditional resting shelters), gardens and groves. 

Although we recommend that you undertake the full program, the 3 cold pressed juice-only days are not compulsory, and light raw food is also available over these days. 

This retreat is especially effective for detox, weight loss and cleansing, while offering opportunities to make dietary, physical and direction changes within your life.

Lectures, guidance and information will be offered for cold-pressed juicing daily at home or the office, and for extended periods toward detoxification, weight loss and the rebalancing of our systems.


daily schedule of activities

Below is a typical daily schedule at Huzur Vadisi:

6.30-8.00 Graded morning walks
8.00 Lemon water probiotic drink
8.30-10.30 Morning yoga practice
10.45 Green Juice
12.30 Light raw food lunch/juice for guests doing Weds-Friday 3-day juice fast
15.00-15.40 Fitness sessions (optional) 2-3 days 
16.00 Juice 
16.30-18.30 Restorative yoga 
19.00 Light raw dinner/juice for guests doing Weds-Friday 3-day juice fast followed by a 30-minute stroll around the valley

All private massage, bodywork and therapeutic sessions are charged at 60-70 euros per hour, depending on the treatment. 

We will be encouraging guests to keep a journal over the retreat, and for those interested, we will facilitate group discussions incorporating lifestyle and philosophical teachings, life coaching and the latest findings in outer and inner health and fitness.


How to get to Huzur Vadisi

Huzur Vadisi is 50-60 minutes by road from Dalaman airport.

If you would like an airport transfer please send us your flight number and arrival time, along with the active mobile number that you will be using upon arrival into Turkey, as soon as you have confirmed your flights.  At current rates the taxi will cost about 55-60 euros each way. Wherever possible, unless you request a personal taxi, we will arrange for you to share with other arriving guests, and the fare would be shared between the number of passengers in the taxi. This option may involve a wait time for other flight arrivals.  

If you are travelling independently by road with a hire car or taxi, please copy the directions from the Huzur Vadisi website: